Head Gear

It’s almost time for the latest issue of Sew It All magazine to hit the newsstand. If you happen to pick up Vol. 3, you’ll notice a fun little project that I came up for this issue: Head Gear. While the photo on the right shows the basic hat pattern included in the magazine, I also created several looks to change it up including a recycled design, animal, and a faux-hawk for the guys. Best of all, they can be sewn in about an hour – perfect for last minute stocking stuffers!

Edited to add: For those interested, this issue will be available on newsstands on December 6, but some online retailers (like The Quilt & Sew Shop) may have it sooner.

7 thoughts on “Head Gear

  1. Sarah

    Hi Stacy, Congratulations on another article! I’m anxious to see if I can find the magazine. That looks like it is done in fleece – I have plenty of fleece around!

    1. Stacy

      Almost all the versions are done in fleece, although one is a recycled sweater. I usually can find them at Joann’s, but they seem to sell out pretty fast. BTW, I’m not sure of the ‘official’ release date of this issue, but I think it’s within the week.

  2. ConstantlyAlice

    Sweet!! I just purchased a TON of $2.99 a yd fleece at Joann’s Black Friday sale. Can’t wait to see the patterns 🙂 (If it helps, Sarah, our Joann’s gets their magazine shipments on Thurs. and usually puts them out on Friday. I don’t know if it’s the same for every store, though.)

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