Black Friday

A very belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope that those who celebrates had a wonderful holiday with lots of fabulous food, family and friends! While most everyone is sleeping (?) I’m a partaking in a bit of Black Friday shopping (believe it or not, I’ve already been out for the morning and am back, ‘taking a break’, until the next wave of stores opens). I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed this year – there were tons of shoppers out, not a lot of bargains (I will say I did manage to get some of Toys R Us doorbusters online), and the lines to check out were the longest I’ve ever experienced… thankfully my mom and I just do this ‘for fun’ and don’t really expect to buy much for Christmas. I do plan on hitting the fabric stores later this morning just to see if there’s any ‘must haves’, but I don’t expect to bring much of anything home since I just made a purchase from (all the supplies I need to make this bag, plus some faux fur for the pull-through scarf). So I guess my question is, “Who else took in some shopping today and what did you get?”

8 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Laura

    Only to a couple of stores, a book store so my youngest could pick up some $2 manga books (Japanese Style Comic / Anime). Then I ran over to JoAnn’s, got a few of the $0.99 Butterick patterns; but declined the lines on everything else (the lines for fabric to be cut were CRAZY, they even passed out numbers). I decided that I’d partake in the online sales via my home shopping.

  2. Beth

    Didn’t get any info on the Joann sale but surely we would have had the same problem with long lines for cutting… I’ve seen it before when they had a sale on quilt batting!

    Went to Costco early in the afternoon and got a Dyson vacuum cleaner $100 off. I hated to have to spend that kind of money on one, but I’ve got two broken vacuum cleaners and I’m tired of repairs.

    1. Stacy

      You’ll love your Dyson – I used to go through a vacuum sweeper every 2 years. I’ve had my Dyson for 4 and it’s still going strong. Worth every penny!

  3. Aimey

    We made it in and out of JoAnns in 20 minutes! We can’t do that on a normal day. We grabbed our number before we were done shopping so by the time we got to the cutting counter it was our turn! If you don’t get there before open on black friday you can expect to be there for hours. Hoping to stop in today to pick up a few more stock items.

    1. Stacy

      I wanted to go today for the interfacing sale, but never made it over there. Maybe they’ll have some leftovers and deep discount later on. 🙂

      1. Aimey

        Don’t worry about the interfacing, it’s practically worthless! Next time you have a 50% off, buy a bolt of name brand. It’s only a little more money but so much more worth it!

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