Kid’s Art

I think I can safely say, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted this late before! I will also admit, I haven’t done any sewing – instead, I’ve been busy crafting with the kids. One of the projects that took the most time is a Dora fused bead kit that Easton had to have from Michael’s – and how could I resist? Not only was it on clearance (originally priced $19.99, on sale for $5.99), but it’s a rare day that Easton wants to sit down to do a crafty type activity. Even though this was marked for 4+, I highly recommend it: it keeps the kids busy for hours, works on sortingmatching, and is perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Now where can I find some refills?

While we were at it, we also picked up some wooden ornaments. Easton was excited about coloring them until he discovered the glitter glue… now all of our ornaments are extremely sparkly, but with very little color. Taylor also brought home some of her pottery that she’s been working on in school. She’s taken art classes before, but none have really made an impact on her until she took ceramics. Now she’s hooked. I just hope she doesn’t ask for a kiln for Christmas next year.

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  1. Karen in Delano

    Classes at Wichita Pottery are a lot cheaper than a kiln, at least over the short term. They have a Saturday kids’ handbuilding class that our kiddo took, and IIRC a wheel class for older kids. (I can’t remember the age limit there, since it’s been awhile. Now we have a wheel and kiln or, um, actually two of our own. It’s addictive.)

    It’s about the same price as CityArts’ classes, per class, but it’s a shorter time commitment. Though really, it takes more than a month to do all the projects so you can almost count on wanting two months’ worth of classes.

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