Santa Gift Bags

Probably one of the most heavily ‘pinned’ tutorials that I see on Pinterest is the Fat Quarter Gift Bag Tutorial… even my Stocking Swap partner had it (hidden) in hers! So for my final project for this swap, I decided to make one (I figured it was a good way to ‘wrap’ up one of her items and if she chooses to she can ‘recycle it’ this Christmas. The other gift bag I intend on using to stash a teacher gift)! I decided to use a ‘tropical’ Santa print that was accidentally sent by (they told me to keep it and sent the correct fabric) – I wasn’t really sure how I would use this, but once I decided on the gift bag, I knew it might be the right fit. Now that they are sewn up, I realize that the scale of the print might have been too large. While one bag the Santa is pretty prominent, the other one he’s completely ‘lost’ (you can see a hand here and there and a reindeer or two, but that’s it), so the bag just looks ‘tropical.’ I’m guessing that this particular tutorial works best with smaller designs – oh well, live and learn.

4 thoughts on “Santa Gift Bags

    1. Stacy

      I’ll have to go back and measure – it’s fairly small, though. The pockets really are just large enough for a gift card and the inside will fit small objects (for my swap I was able to fit a small stuffed owl ornament and a large piece of candy.

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