Did You Feel That?

Did anyone else feel that earthquake Saturday night? I know Kansas doesn’t get too may ground shaking events, but I have to say that was a dozy – our entire basement shifted back and forth… it was wild! Thankfully, as far as we can tell, we don’t have any damage – I’m not sure we could take much more after having a terrible hail storm (softball size) create holes in our roof, a microburst destroy our swingset, and me hitting a deer with my car all in one year! But enough with Mother Nature, let’s talk sewing! I hit the sales yesterday so that I could take advantage of the pattern sales. I picked up 2 patterns that I intend on using for my niece’s Christmas gifts: Simplicity 5271 (pajamas) and a matching set for her doll, 5276. As for the fabrics, I’m using a Tinkerbell jersey that I picked up awhile ago from The Fabric Fairy and a flannel shirting that I got from Joann’s (I found it extremely difficult to find pink plaid flannels). Normally, I would up a sidebar and pricing information on a project like this, but since it’s a gift I hate to put that up. I will say, I think I might have spent more on sewing it up than if I would have bought it, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end because not only will she have a new set of pjs, but her American Doll will to!