Nice Save

If you remember earlier in the week, I started cutting out ‘personal’ organizers (basically, a waterproof organizer that you can store tampons, pads, liners and roll up and tie) – unfortunately, I wound up cutting not one, but three of them wrong. Instead of having a long, skinny roll, I cut a tall, fat one. Because I had used so much cotton laminate, I decided to salvage this project and just redraft the proportions. Consequently, my finished organizer is not as long as intended, has more tampon holders and only one large pocket, and ribbon ties instead of cotton laminate ones.

Considering how badly this almost was, I am pretty happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, I think the details are lost in the photo – the fabrics seem to really blend into together (which is also great for hiding mistakes!). Now should I give the Cloth Pad pattern a try?

9 thoughts on “Nice Save

  1. CGCouture

    I think you should at least try them. I really like them for nighttime because they’re so comfortable you don’t even remember you’re having that annoying monthly visit. 🙂

  2. Sarah S

    Maybe start with pantyliners, and see if you like them. Adahy’s cloth pad pattern is free, and I really liked them.

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