Linky Thursday

Transform an over-sized hoodie into a fitted, asymmetrical design. Although, the name summs it up: sweatshirt liposuction.

Thinking ahead to Christmas? Make pajama pants for the whole family!

I know, another superhero mask tutorial. What makes this one so special? The awesome photography (seriously, I want to make this project just because of that cute kid at the beginning of the post). Have a girl? Stitch up one of these pretty little princess crowns.

Zipper broaches are out, zipper bracelets are in. I think I need at least one of these!

A very quick way to make a bib. Plus it’s over-sized and absorbent!

Snappy little coin purses don’t have to just be for change…

This ottoman slipcover may be no-sew, but it looks to be a good tutorial and can easily be sewn up to finish it off.

A cute way to keep your kitchen towel from slipping off the oven door.

A cute little messenger that comes in two sizes. I love the double button closure.

This mini witch hat is so cute, I need one full sized!

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