Travel Organizer

With just a week away, I’ve sort of given up hope that my Halloween costume is going happen this year. Between injuries, illness, and travel for state competitions, there just hasn’t been enough time. Consequently, I’m moving on to something new and opted to make something for my Christmas Stocking swap… I figured if this project turned out well, I could make a few more for Christmas gifts. This weekend, I made a travel organizer!

I did make a few changes to this pattern. First off, even though the fabric is waterproof (more like a textured rainwear), it’s not a cotton laminate as suggested. Consequently, it’s a lot bulkier than what is intended, but thankfully, it was easy to sew. I also eliminated the magnetic snap with this one (because I didn’t have one on hand) and went with Velcro. Overall, I like the way it turned out and am anxious to see how the cotton laminate sews up – I suspect it might be a bit easier to work with!

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