For The Birds

I spent some time with my new fabrics and whipped up a new project for my Stocking Swap partner. What inspired me to make this particular pillow was a pin she had on Pinterest (if you haven’t joined, I highly recommend checking it out) for a vintage birdbird cages pillow cover. Since the material was vintage, I knew I could never find the exact print, so I headed over to to see what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Waverly home decor fabric that had a very similar look and feel (although the Waverly version has a much larger scale print than the vintage design, I was really hoping to fit more than one birdbirdcage on a pillow) – so I instantly bought it. I used my pillow slip cover tutorial at We All Sew for the pattern and I have to say, I think my partner will love it. It’s not exactly what she wanted, but it’s very close!

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