Crowned Skulls

Sometimes I just need a fun, simple project to jump start my sewing marathon. This time around, I decided to work a bit on my Christmas Stocking partner’s package and made her a silk screened shirt. She’s really into skull prints so I opted to use this Simply Screen (pre-made, reusable screens) design. Instead of going with one image in the middle of the shirt, I repeated the image several times: twice in white ink, once in red foil. I’m pretty pleased with the results, but I wish I would have changed a few things… Because I’m working with a black shirt, I laid the ink on fairly thick – however, it still wasn’t thick enough because as it dried, some of the black of the shirt ‘bled’ through. I also feel the images should have been smooshed together a bit more so that they overlap.

You’ll probably be seeing this design a few more times – Easton has requested it on a shirt so I’m going to eventually make one up for him… I’m guessing he’ll want to help silkscreen too. He’s my budding crafter!