Cutting, and Cutting, and Cutting…

It’s been so long since I’ve done any ‘assembly line’ type sewing (making several of the same clothing item), I’ve actually forgotten how long all the ‘prep work’ takes. I actually thought I would spend some time behind my sewing machine this weekend, but instead, all I did was use my scissors. I am, however, ready to sew 3 pairs of pajamas and one long sleeved, boys’s Jalie 2918! Now I’m just crossing my fingers that someone decides to take a nap so I can get started… it’s getting chilly at night and he definitely needs some new sleepwear!

2 thoughts on “Cutting, and Cutting, and Cutting…

  1. Beth

    What a good mom! Have to admit that I’ve never tried the assembly line idea, but it does make sense. Just have to make sure your dressmaker shears are newly sharpened! : )

    1. Stacy

      It also helps when you don’t have to change thread, too! You wind up with projects going really fast!

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