Linky Thursday

A great fabric giveaway from Kate Spain (found at bottom of her post).

If you’ve got to get your little guy looking impressive in a hurry, just whip up one of these fast bow ties.

I may not have a need for a pencil pouch, but I wouldn’t mind making one of these up – maybe it’s the cute little car embellishment?

Making Halloween a little less scarry – Smooshed Witch Legs (ala Wizard of Oz).

If you’re tired of making burp rags from diapers or are just searching for a new style, try this contoured version (I had a few with Easton and liked them as well).

I seem to have an affinity for things that have writing on them. Now I can make my own fabric (or in this case a shirt) with quotes all over them. Now if only my handwriting was better.

Alright, there’s really no sewing involved, but here’s a list of great ways to wear a scarf (scroll to the bottom for clothing options).

Another Anthropologie inspired tee with ruffles (is that all this store sells?) – this time with a twist. It’s made with $4 tee and a dollar store towel.