When Pigs Fly

I (mentally) promised myself that I wasn’t going to post another Blythe photo… then I had a few minutes to sit down and sew the other day and decided I had just enough time to make one more thing. This time around, I made a shirt that I like to call ‘when pigs fly’. I used a remnant from a pair of pajamas that I had made Taylor quite awhile ago – amazing, but the scale is perfect!

I also broke down and purchased a Chang Hsiu Mei pattern set that I talked about yesterday. I really think that it will be challenging because there’s a lot of detail to her work, but I’m excited to give at least one a try to see how it goes. I’ll be sure to put up a review for all the Blythe owners out there!

With that said, now I promise that I won’t post any more Blythe clothing for a few weeks. In fact, I am gearing up to start a pattern tracing marathon! Up first, kids pajamas (burr, it’s getting cold at nights) and then a new coat for me (from the latest women’s issue of Ottobre)!

4 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. Beth

    Okay — a learner question. Pattern tracing marathon? What am I missing here? Don’t you trim the pattern, pin it, mark, cut and sew?

    1. Stacy

      A lot of my patterns aren’t ones you want to cut – some of them are just expensive (like Kwik Sew) so I can use the sizes again, some are meant to be traced (like Burda magazine and Ottobre), and others just have so many sizing options (Jalie sizes from toddler to plus sized adult) that you wouldn’t want to cut into those. I just cut into the ‘Big 4’ type patterns since they are usually easy to get ahold of and inexpensive.

  2. Beth

    Oooooh! Now I get it! Thanks for the explanation, Stacy. I haven’t looked at Burda or Ottobre, nor did I realize that Jalie had such a multitude of sizes in one pattern.

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