Skelly Blythe

Wrapping up the last of my Blythe package is this little romper from Doll Coordinate Recipe Book 10 (you can see the ‘model’ photo here, on the right). Since my partner wanted some Halloween themed items I decided to use a fun skeleton print which was a remnant from this project. I love how the scale of these skeletons is perfect for her outfit!

Overall this one sewed up easily and quickly. The only modification I made was to the straps – instead of sewing and turning right side out, I turned the raw edges to the middle (like you do with binding) then sewed… I just didn’t want to haggle with turning a tiny tube right side out. In fact, I liked this one so much, I may make one for myself (and maybe even the jacket too).

Now that this swap is wrapped up, I’ve been surfing for what I could sew up Blythe next. That’s when I discovered the amazing patterns of Chang Hsiu Mei. I am seriously contemplating trying a set of her patterns, although I’m not sure if my dolldressmaking skill is anywhere near what she can do. Is anyone familiar with her designs that could give me some feedback as to how they sew up?