Hello, Kitty

One other project that I finished up over the weekend was Simplicity 2317 – the pajama set(s). I decided to eliminate the ‘fly front’ on the boxers and just sew them up as an elastic waist pair of shorts…. I just really didn’t see topstitching the fly (on a knit) as a good idea. The fit? Spot on! These shorts look and fit very much like the pattern cover and are much different than anything Taylor currently owns. So, now she has something to wear while it’s still warm (tank and shorts) and can change it up as we cool off with the t-shirt. Which combo do you like the best? Sound off here!

2 thoughts on “Hello, Kitty

  1. Beth

    Both look great, Stacy! But the amount of work you did to improve the fit really gives me pause. How many of us relatively-newbies would have a clue on what to do to fix the pattern?

  2. Stacy

    Thanks. I think newbies could ‘wing it’ enough to get the fit right. My suggestion for fitting the t-shirt would be to take a tee that you like the fit of and use that to judge how much (and where) to cut off. The same goes for the sleeves (which I really just whacked off the ends of to make it the length I liked). I will say, I think that there are better t-shirt patterns out there if you’re looking for something to make for a woman. If it’s for a man, it’s probably the perfect design (boxy and a good length unless they are long waisted).

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