Major Modifications

I knew going into sewing the shirt for Simplicity 2317, that there were going to be some modifications needed… it just looked huge. Little did I know that before it was all over, I would have reworked most of the top. Here’s a breakdown of all the changes:

Starting from the underarm to the hemline, I shaved off 1/2-1″ from each side of the front and back pieces. I also ‘contoured’ them a bit so it has more of a ‘babydoll’ style to it rather than a boxy fit.

I took 1 1/2″ off the bottom of the shirt. Even after I put in the hem (1″) it’s still a little long so I probably could have taken off another 1″ and the length would have been fine. (Speaking of the hem, it still needs pressing).

After all the changes, the sleeves length just looked wrong so I wound up taking off 1 3/4″ to their length. While the sleeves look better, the shoulder area looks too wide and I’m wishing that I would have taken it in at least an 1″.

Lastly, I added an iron on. Can you believe that I found one at Michael’s that was the EXACT design as the fabric itself? Let’s hope that it retains it’s color and quality through a few washings because it was a real booger to get transferred onto the shirt (I think it took longer to iron on the image than what it took me to sew up the shirt).

Now it’s onto the shorts!