2317 Cutout Concerns

I’ve managed to cut out all the pieces for Simplicity 2317 that I intend on using: View A, the tank and knit ‘boxers’ as well as View B, the t-shirt (I thought when it finally gets chilly at night this would be a tad warmer than the tank) and have some concerns already about the possible ‘fit’ of everything.

First off the ‘boxers’ appear very close fitting – more like boxer briefs than a loose fitting boxer. I’m afraid Taylor will think this looks ridiculous on so I opted to go up a bit in size so they might have a more roomy feel. The t-shirt is also a problem…. it’s huge (both length and width)! I’m guessing that this is because the shirt is designed for both men and women in mind, but honestly, I don’t see how this is going to work with the boxers if I use it the way it currently looks (think very short nightshirt). The tank, however, seems perfect… and easy to sew. Consequently, I’m starting with that first and then dwelling on how I can change up the rest of the pieces to work for a picky teen.

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