Hello, Kitty

I make piles. Lots of piles. I have one for new patterns that I have to sew, one for favorite patterns that I want to sew again, magazines and books with projects that I want to tackle, fabrics that I’m intending on working with next… you get the idea. Sometimes, things get pushed onto the back burner and sit for ages. This Hello Kitty fabric was one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get to, but still never have. One thing that kept me from using it was the lack of the ‘ideal pattern.’ However, at the last pattern sale, something caught my eye, Simplicity 2317 – its exactly what I had been looking for: knit ‘boxers’ with a shirt (and even a tank option!). Consequently, this is my next project! Here’s all the details below:

Project Details:

Pattern: Simplicity 2317

Hello Kitty cotton jersey from The Fabric Fairy

Materials & Cost:

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