Linky Thursday

Considering that Project Runway seems to do some sort of dollarpetrecycled themed challenge every year, I need to pay more attention to sights like Dollar Store Crafts for inspiration. This dog chain necklace is a good example – it’s actually pretty cool!

Turn old t-shirts into the comfiest chair in the house.

I recently saw a shirt styled very similarly to this dress tutorial by. Now I think I want to make one!

If you’re like me, you are constantly vacuuming up loose threads from my sewing room. Want an easy way to remove them from your vacuum roller? A seam ripper – now why didn’t I think of that?

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear fun, ‘fitted’ tees like everyone else. Learn how to turn a man’s t-shirt into a maternity top.

I’m not one to usually link to a ‘project’ without a tutorial, but I thought these upcycled suit totes were a fun inspiration piece that I just had to share! Just use your favorite tote tutorial and handmade leather straps!

Need a little bag to tote around your makeup? Try this cute cosmetic’s bag.

The ultimate pincushion: A weighted pincushion, organizer, and threadscrap bucket all in one!

I love how everything stays so organized in this diaper bag.

Thinking about knitting up some gloves like Coroline? This tutorial would be a great start.

I like bagsclutches that have lots of pockets and room for all the essentials. This one may fit the bill.

Eventually it will get chilly out there. Cover baby’s carseat with this blanket.

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