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Major Modifications

I knew going into sewing the shirt for Simplicity 2317, that there were going to be some modifications needed… it just looked huge. Little did I know that before it was all over, I would have reworked most of the top. Here’s a breakdown of all the changes:

Starting from the underarm to the hemline, I shaved off 1/2-1″ from each side of the front and back pieces. I also ‘contoured’ them a bit so it has more of a ‘babydoll’ style to it rather than a boxy fit.

I took 1 1/2″ off the bottom of the shirt. Even after I put in the hem (1″) it’s still a little long so I probably could have taken off another 1″ and the length would have been fine. (Speaking of the hem, it still needs pressing).

After all the changes, the sleeves length just looked wrong so I wound up taking off 1 3/4″ to their length. While the sleeves look better, the shoulder area looks too wide and I’m wishing that I would have taken it in at least an 1″.

Lastly, I added an iron on. Can you believe that I found one at Michael’s that was the EXACT design as the fabric itself? Let’s hope that it retains it’s color and quality through a few washings because it was a real booger to get transferred onto the shirt (I think it took longer to iron on the image than what it took me to sew up the shirt).

Now it’s onto the shorts!

Linky Thursday

A simply gorgeous travel accessory roll-up. Perfect for a holiday gift… or just for yourself!

Ruffle scarves are a ‘hot’ look this season. This one may be my favorite.

An Anthropologie knockoff tutorial just for the for kids.

Your front porch doesn’t have to look scary this Halloween. Dress it up with these fun and easy Glitter Blast Pillows.

How to wallpaper using fabric.

If you’re planning one more big trip before winter, don’t forget to make a cute little store bag for your trash.

A sweet little bat stuffie – perfect for little one or a fun treat bag gift.

Carry around your school books in style with the Tohoku Tote (I love the bow).

Maxi doesn’t just mean dresses. Learn how to sew a maxi skirt.

Recycle an old pair of jeans into a little girl’s purse.

This has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, but it’s definitely a neat craft (and perfect for Halloween): Spider Web Balloons.

Kitty Tank

If you’re looking for an easy knit tank, Simplicity 2317 is the pattern for you. This pattern is comprised of two pattern pieces, 5 steps, and no bindings! The down side? The fit around the armholes seems to be a bit loose and possibly a bit deep (you can see this a bit on the photo). Since this a nightshirt, I’m not too concerned. However, if I decided to make this view as ‘streetwear’, I’d make a few changes in the fit (I think this could be remedied by taking up the shoulder seams as well as the inside seams under the arms).

Now to tackle the t-shirt, but this time, I’m making alterations!

2317 Cutout Concerns

I’ve managed to cut out all the pieces for Simplicity 2317 that I intend on using: View A, the tank and knit ‘boxers’ as well as View B, the t-shirt (I thought when it finally gets chilly at night this would be a tad warmer than the tank) and have some concerns already about the possible ‘fit’ of everything.

First off the ‘boxers’ appear very close fitting – more like boxer briefs than a loose fitting boxer. I’m afraid Taylor will think this looks ridiculous on so I opted to go up a bit in size so they might have a more roomy feel. The t-shirt is also a problem…. it’s huge (both length and width)! I’m guessing that this is because the shirt is designed for both men and women in mind, but honestly, I don’t see how this is going to work with the boxers if I use it the way it currently looks (think very short nightshirt). The tank, however, seems perfect… and easy to sew. Consequently, I’m starting with that first and then dwelling on how I can change up the rest of the pieces to work for a picky teen.

Pint Sized Party Dress

When in doubt, I sew something small – and by small I mean, miniature clothes! I think I can safely say, I am finally getting the hang of sewing doll clothing. While the general construction is the same, there are some elements (like sewing the hems before some seams, etc.) that are done much differently.

This particular outfit is from the Puchi Collective, a site that has a number of free tutorials and patterns designed for Blythe dolls. I was anxious to give one a whirl to check out how they sewed up and fit… and I was pleasantly surprised! The instructions are similar to what you might find in a Japanese doll magazine (limited instructions, so this is probably best for someone who has some sewing experience), but it’s in English so there’s no deciphering each step. I also liked that there is a sewing gauge at the bottom of the page so you can assure that your printout is the correct size and your fit is spot on. I’ll be keeping this site in mind for my BlythePullip Autumn Celebration swap – we’re low on participants so if you’ve been wanting to do a Blythe themed swap, this one is for you! Plus you may get one of these fabulous dresses……

Hello, Kitty

I make piles. Lots of piles. I have one for new patterns that I have to sew, one for favorite patterns that I want to sew again, magazines and books with projects that I want to tackle, fabrics that I’m intending on working with next… you get the idea. Sometimes, things get pushed onto the back burner and sit for ages. This Hello Kitty fabric was one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get to, but still never have. One thing that kept me from using it was the lack of the ‘ideal pattern.’ However, at the last pattern sale, something caught my eye, Simplicity 2317 – its exactly what I had been looking for: knit ‘boxers’ with a shirt (and even a tank option!). Consequently, this is my next project! Here’s all the details below:

Project Details:

Pattern: Simplicity 2317

Hello Kitty cotton jersey from The Fabric Fairy

Materials & Cost:

Linky Thursday

Considering that Project Runway seems to do some sort of dollarpetrecycled themed challenge every year, I need to pay more attention to sights like Dollar Store Crafts for inspiration. This dog chain necklace is a good example – it’s actually pretty cool!

Turn old t-shirts into the comfiest chair in the house.

I recently saw a shirt styled very similarly to this dress tutorial by. Now I think I want to make one!

If you’re like me, you are constantly vacuuming up loose threads from my sewing room. Want an easy way to remove them from your vacuum roller? A seam ripper – now why didn’t I think of that?

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear fun, ‘fitted’ tees like everyone else. Learn how to turn a man’s t-shirt into a maternity top.

I’m not one to usually link to a ‘project’ without a tutorial, but I thought these upcycled suit totes were a fun inspiration piece that I just had to share! Just use your favorite tote tutorial and handmade leather straps!

Need a little bag to tote around your makeup? Try this cute cosmetic’s bag.

The ultimate pincushion: A weighted pincushion, organizer, and threadscrap bucket all in one!

I love how everything stays so organized in this diaper bag.

Thinking about knitting up some gloves like Coroline? This tutorial would be a great start.

I like bagsclutches that have lots of pockets and room for all the essentials. This one may fit the bill.

Eventually it will get chilly out there. Cover baby’s carseat with this blanket.

Faux Leather Jacket

If you happen to pick up this month’s issue of Sew News, inside you’ll find a new article written by me! I am terribly excited about this one because I not only had a blast creating this look, but I am in love with my finished design plus it gave me the perfect excuse to shop at Mood (even if it was online only). In this article, I guide the reader how to deconstruct Vogue 8673 and then redesign it using faux leathers. I also included some tips and tricks on working with faux leathers and a shopping guide for those of you looking for fabric resources online.

As for the Vogue pattern – I highly recommend it! It really is very easy to sew (if you intend on sewing the jacket without the modifications or leather, it is perfect for beginners) and the instructions were very good. The fit is great, but one thing I would recommend is measuring your arm before you cut – the jacket arms are fairly tight (or maybe I just have larger arms) and if you intend on reconstructing this area with the faux leather you’ll find you have less give than ‘regular’ material. Now, my question is what should I do this weekend so I can wear this jacket out?

It Marks The Spot

What do you make for a swap partner who’s favorite Harry Potter store is Flourish & Blotts? That’s the very question I asked myself over and over again this weekend. I thought that a Hogwarts themed book might be too expected so I decided to do something different… a book mark. It’s difficult finding “wizarding” themed charms that tie it all in together so I decided on keys (and a few locks) because when they are all lumped up together, it reminds me of the scene in the Sorcerer’s Stone where Harry flies the broom to nab the winged key.

If time (and creativity) allows, I may try my hand at making (another) “Monster Book of Monsters”…. I’ll have to mull that one over.

Pint Size

Have you ever wanted to sew something, just nothing you had planned? That’s the feeling I had this weekend: I wanted something quick and easy to make, but nothing I had out looked appealing… so I decided to sew up something for my Blythe. After digging around I decided I would make a skirt from a Michael Miller hedgehog fabric and Simplicity 5261 and an embellished top from the Japanese ‘magazine’, Doll Coordinate Recipe Book 10.

This is my second time working with the Simplicity Blythe pattern and this time around it went much smoother. I selected the skirt because it looked finished (unlike the hoodie which had raw edges and was a mess of instructions) and seemed easy enough to ‘wing’ if the directions were going to be poor. It’s also my second time working with the Doll Coordinate Recipe book and I have to say, these are just fabulous to work with. The book itself is pure eye candy, but the patterns themselves are very well made – like tiny versions of our clothes. I’m probably not ready for some of the more advanced designs (I have a fear of sewing in miniature), but I’m definitely going to try my hand a few more patterns… not to mention I’m considering getting another book!