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Kwik Sew 3510

Fall has arrived – the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Around our house, it’s almost time to give up those short pajamas and crack out the long pants…. which means, it’s pajama sewing time! I picked up several fun prints right before The Fabric Fairy closed, including a tattoo design and a Halloween print. I also pulled out the glow in the dark skull print from my stash to use for this round (hopefully that won’t be too entertaining at night that Easton won’t sleep).

Even though I’ve made this pattern for several years, Easton has grown enough that it’s time to trace off a new one. I still need to cut into the fabric, but have been spending my time getting things ready for a neighboorhood wide garage sale (how crazy am I for doing that?). The nice thing about this particular pattern is that it really doesn’t use that much fabric, so I should have enough left over for next year (or at last enough for some contrasts) or a shirt. The details for this project are below:

Project Details:

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3510

A variety of jersey prints from The Fabric Fairy

Materials & Cost:

Linky Thursday

A great fabric giveaway from Kate Spain (found at bottom of her post).

If you’ve got to get your little guy looking impressive in a hurry, just whip up one of these fast bow ties.

I may not have a need for a pencil pouch, but I wouldn’t mind making one of these up – maybe it’s the cute little car embellishment?

Making Halloween a little less scarry – Smooshed Witch Legs (ala Wizard of Oz).

If you’re tired of making burp rags from diapers or are just searching for a new style, try this contoured version (I had a few with Easton and liked them as well).

I seem to have an affinity for things that have writing on them. Now I can make my own fabric (or in this case a shirt) with quotes all over them. Now if only my handwriting was better.

Alright, there’s really no sewing involved, but here’s a list of great ways to wear a scarf (scroll to the bottom for clothing options).

Another Anthropologie inspired tee with ruffles (is that all this store sells?) – this time with a twist. It’s made with $4 tee and a dollar store towel.

When Pigs Fly

I (mentally) promised myself that I wasn’t going to post another Blythe photo… then I had a few minutes to sit down and sew the other day and decided I had just enough time to make one more thing. This time around, I made a shirt that I like to call ‘when pigs fly’. I used a remnant from a pair of pajamas that I had made Taylor quite awhile ago – amazing, but the scale is perfect!

I also broke down and purchased a Chang Hsiu Mei pattern set that I talked about yesterday. I really think that it will be challenging because there’s a lot of detail to her work, but I’m excited to give at least one a try to see how it goes. I’ll be sure to put up a review for all the Blythe owners out there!

With that said, now I promise that I won’t post any more Blythe clothing for a few weeks. In fact, I am gearing up to start a pattern tracing marathon! Up first, kids pajamas (burr, it’s getting cold at nights) and then a new coat for me (from the latest women’s issue of Ottobre)!

Skelly Blythe

Wrapping up the last of my Blythe package is this little romper from Doll Coordinate Recipe Book 10 (you can see the ‘model’ photo here, on the right). Since my partner wanted some Halloween themed items I decided to use a fun skeleton print which was a remnant from this project. I love how the scale of these skeletons is perfect for her outfit!

Overall this one sewed up easily and quickly. The only modification I made was to the straps – instead of sewing and turning right side out, I turned the raw edges to the middle (like you do with binding) then sewed… I just didn’t want to haggle with turning a tiny tube right side out. In fact, I liked this one so much, I may make one for myself (and maybe even the jacket too).

Now that this swap is wrapped up, I’ve been surfing for what I could sew up Blythe next. That’s when I discovered the amazing patterns of Chang Hsiu Mei. I am seriously contemplating trying a set of her patterns, although I’m not sure if my dolldressmaking skill is anywhere near what she can do. Is anyone familiar with her designs that could give me some feedback as to how they sew up?

Billboard Messenger

If you visited the Sewing Republic website last week, you may have noticed that they’ve moved. You can now find fun tutorials plus more including inspirational articles and photos, tips & tricks, and expert advice all at We All Sew. While you’re there, be sure to check out my new project, the Billboard Messenger Bag! Not only is this messenger is roomy enough to carry your books AND laptop it’s waterproof, too – so if you’re darting across town (or campus) in the rain you don’t have to worry about everything getting soaked (plus the exterior is easy to care for, just wipe down with a damp cloth). Best of all, it’s green because it’s made out of recycled billboard material! Don’t worry if you’ve never had the opportunity to work with this type of ‘material’ before, I’ve included a few tips within the article on how to deal with it (trust me, it’s much easier than you think!).

**If you’re looking for a resource for your billboard material, I purchased mine though The Billboard Warehouse. You won’t be able to select what you receive, but no matter what you get there’s plenty of ‘material’ to choose from (mine was an ad for an internet cable company).

Cool Blythe

Fortunately for me, my partner in the Blythe swap didn’t really have a preference on clothing so I had a lot of designing control. One thing I really wanted to do is to make a fun pair of pants. I stumbled across this very cool, liquid, black lame sort of material and I knew immediately that’s what they were destined to become (unfortunately, the photo doesn’t quite capture it very well) – for those that are interested, I used a legging style design from my Doll Coordinate Recipe book. For the top, I used a scrap from this shirt and this free t-shirt pattern from the Puchi Collective.

I liked this look so much I have decided I want to make another one for myself. I even came across a sliver material that I think I use for it… or maybe I’ll make a silver tunic… or both!

Linky Thursday

If you love Hot’s Bad WitchGood Witch Hat pattern, then you’ll love their new Halloween freebie, the Wicked Witch Caplet.

Winter is almost upon us which means little ones will be wearing a lot more socks. Make sure they don’t slide across the floor in them by making your DIY grips.

Make yourself a party skirt. This tutorial has a similar look a feel but is refashioned from a men’s shirt.

Even wonder how much you should charge for your handmade goods? This article should give you a good idea on pricing.

If your kids loved Rio and are begging for a parrot costume. Have no fear this is the perfect costume.

Recreate a J-Crew ruffled top with this easy tutorial.

This cute hooded tunic tutorial is perfect to throw over a shirt to take the chill off this fall.

Create an interesting conversation piece with this Witch’s Cauldron this Halloween.

How to sew a simple baby sling.


Happy birthday to me! Yes, that’s right, I am officially one year older today – although I won’t divulge exactly how old I am. This year I decided to spend my birthday monies on crafty items. The first thing I bought myself was…. A YUDU! I’ve been wanting one for awhile after trying the Speedball method (I highly recommend because it gives professional results, but there is a ‘learning curve’ to silkscreening and I found it very messy). I actually purchased this about two months ago when Michael’s had them on sale for $99. Can you believe I haven’t cracked it open before today?

I also broke down and ordered 3 Style Arc patterns – including the Kate. I also selected a top, the Simply Sally (the design really fascinates me, it’s very simple looking, but with fantastic results), and skirt, the Fay (which was the ‘free’ pattern with purchase). I think between the 3 I should get a good idea of how these patterns fit me – I was hoping that I would have had the opportunity to sew something up by now, but I’ve managed to get distracted with other projects.

Lastly, I broke down and ordered a new Doll Coordinate recipe book. I’ve been having way too much fun creating designs for Blythe and seem to be finally getting the hang of sewing in miniature. In fact, I’ll have some new ‘looks’ up later on in the week! For anyone who owns a doll like this, I highly recommend this series – they have some absolutely fantastic designs and great finishing techniques. My only complaint is that I can’t seem to figure out when new books are released (it seems sporadic, 2 were released back to back last year and then it’s been a year and nothing new). Does anyone seem to know how often they come out?

Hello, Kitty

One other project that I finished up over the weekend was Simplicity 2317 – the pajama set(s). I decided to eliminate the ‘fly front’ on the boxers and just sew them up as an elastic waist pair of shorts…. I just really didn’t see topstitching the fly (on a knit) as a good idea. The fit? Spot on! These shorts look and fit very much like the pattern cover and are much different than anything Taylor currently owns. So, now she has something to wear while it’s still warm (tank and shorts) and can change it up as we cool off with the t-shirt. Which combo do you like the best? Sound off here!

Seeing Double

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I’ve joined another swap. This time it’s a Blythe Autumn Celebration swap – basically you’re crafting back to school, Halloween, and fall items (hats, coats, etc.). I was so motivated to try out some new designs that I went ahead and started and made a huge dent in my package!

First off, I made a Halloween costume: a ‘cute witch’ look. I started off by making a hat. I stumbled across a pre-made, felt version at Hobby Lobby that I decorated with items I found on a fall pick. Then I set to work making a dress (using this pattern). I first made a polka dot fabric that I had picked up earlier that day, then remembered later that evening I had an even better print (vintage feel, with tiny pumpkins, leaves, etc.) stashed away with my fat quarters. Consequently, I made two dresses this weekend…. one for my partner and one for me.

I enjoyed sewing these up so much, I broke down and order another Doll Coordinate Recipe book (#10). Now what I’m really needing is some awesome Blythe shoes!