Today is the last day of August which means there are roughly 115 days until Christmas. Once again, I have vowed that I am making more gifts this year, and for once, I intend on sticking with it! While 115 days seems like a plenty of time to sewcraftcreate, I’m thinking that I had better get started now because in the end, I find myself scrambling to finish or just scrapping the whole idea of sewing and buying a present instead. Here’s some ideas I’m currently tossing around:

For the kids: Pajama Eaters (by the way, today is the last day to get this pattern for free) stuffed with a new pair of Christmas pajamas. Art supply organizers are also high on my list of ‘must sew’ items.

For the BFFs: I’m really leaning toward making them a travel and personal organizers (I am looking forward to getting a lot of mileage out of this pattern). I may even toss in a cloth pad or two as this seems to make all of us giggle.

For the guys: We have several ‘single’ guys in our family and it seems like every year we get them bar ware. This year I’m thinking box bags in leather.

For my mom: Probably one of my mom’s all time favorite things I’ve made her is the Tommy Boxer…. so I’m thinking she needs another pair! She is also a bag junkie like me, but I’m not narrowing down a pattern until it gets closer to the holidays.

The gifts that are tripping me up? Couples. What in the heck do you make a couple? I’m up for suggestions!

3 thoughts on “115

  1. Sarah

    Couples – how about a hand-made bag wrapping a wine bottle? I know I have a pattern from Sewing with Nancy for a wine bag. I could send it to you. I know you are creative enough to figure it out for yourself, too!

  2. Susan

    I have discovered that both of my brothers love cloth napkins! Who would have thought? I am thinking a table runner and cloth napkins for them and the sisters-in-law for Christmas.

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