Turkey Time?

Why is it the weekends go by so fast, but the week seems to drag on? Even though the past two days flew by, I have to admit, it was pretty productive. Not only did I finish up another tutorial for The Sewing Republic (think quick and easy and fun for the kids), but I cooked our traditional Thanksgiving in July August (I had a hard time doing this in July because it was just too hot, but we all really start craving turkey with all the fixings way before Thanksgiving) I think the Tryptophan is still making me groggy because I’m still having a hard time deciding on what to work on next… although, I’m leaning towards a new top!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Time?

  1. CGCouture

    LOL! We usually eat pumpkin pie throughout the year (it’s probably my favorite dessert), but we’re usually so sick of turkey by the end of Thanksgiving we’re more than thrilled to wait until next Thanksgiving comes around to eat it again.

    Do you have any of the StyleArc tops? I’d like to see some of them made up. Assuming you are asking for ideas, that is.

    1. Stacy

      I do! In fact it’s one of the tops I was thinking of working on! I also picked up a dress and a skirt pattern from Style Arc. I figured I’d cover all my bases that way!

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