Linky Thursday

I have a large bag of ties just waiting for a projects just like this.

When I was a kid, I loved my lap desk. Now I can make a grown-up, stylish version for myself!

A truly amazing Victorian skirt tutorial.

I think my kids would love these for watching tv: The Triangle Floor Pillow.

Who says ruffle scarves just have to be frilly? Funk it up with a fabulous animal print and the Mamma Ruffle Scarf.

I’m not usually not one for small stuffies, but these tiny kittens in a box are so cute and detailed for being so little!

Transform a shirt into a baby romper.

Am I the last one to learn that Modge Podge may just be watered down white school glue?

What a cute way to store your pins – a baby turtle riding it’s mother’s back.

At first glance, this pouch looks like any other tutorial, until you notice the covered zipper ends. Nice!

Create a novelty pillowcase with two, contrasting fabrics. Speaking of pillows, how cute are these burlap versions?

2 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. umjudis

    No, Stacy, I’d never heard that about Mod Podge either. I am for SURE trying that one out after I use up my current one. And judging by the comments on that blog, it sure worked good too.

  2. Rachel @ Pleased as Punch

    Hi there! I noticed a lot of traffic coming to my site from yours, and I was like, “who’s Stacy?” so I came over to have a look…thanks for mentioning my lap desk tutorial! 🙂 I sure hope if you make one, you send me a picture. I’d love to know how it goes for you! I totally love mine, use it all the time. My kids love theirs too. 🙂 Thanks again, great to find your blog!

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