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I’m going to start off this entry by saying that I am not being payed to make any remarks, this is not an advertisement nor is it a sponsored post. You see last week, Spoonflower had their annual ‘free swatch’ day. While I know all about their cottons, I never have heard anyone really talking about their knit fabrics – so I thought I would give it a try and share my findings with you.

The first thing I wanted to do was check how the bold the prints were so I decided to go with something that had a lot of color – I went with a print called Watercolor Galaxy on their Organic Cotton Knit. My 8×8″ swatch arrived in the mail this week (speedy delivery) and I have to say it looked exactly like the image on my screen. The fabric itself has a beautiful sheen and a crosswise stretch that’s around 25% – so it will work with (almost) all your knit-wear patterns. The cotton interlock also a wonderful weight – it’s thin enough that has some drape to it, but beefy enough that you can’t see through the material. It also has great stretch & recovery so your clothing won’t stretch out of shape after wearing it for an hour!

What I consider the real test, however, is washing. I immediately popped it into a ‘regular’ cycle on my machine (cold wash, phosphate free detergent, and timed air dry cycle) to see how it would perform. After removing it from the dryer, the colors seem just as vibrant as when the swatch arrived and didn’t have any significant shrinkage!

Too good to be true? Pretty much, however, ordering this custom organic interlock does have it’s downside. First off is the price – $27/yard. Ouch. Secondly, the ‘base’ color for the fabric is off-white. You’ll have to keep this in mind if you’ve left “blank” areas to your design (you’ll need to ‘fill’ this in with white if that’s the look you’re going for).

With all that said, I can’t wait to try my hand at designing my own knit material…. of course, I need to win the lottery first. Good thing I bought a ticket to this week’s powerball drawing!

4 thoughts on “Spoonflower Knits

  1. Kirsten D.

    I always wanted to know if would be the price. It would have to be one special project for that price. Well and maybe just a top. 🙂

  2. melissa

    I ordered quite a few of their knits early this year and, while I agree about the weight and quality of the base fabric, I had about half of my prints look REALLY faded and washed out after the pre-wash. So I think you’ve got to be really careful when you’re choosing prints, and go for ones that are mostly light coloured, as the knits faded much much more than any of the other Spoonflower fabrics I’ve bought.

    1. Stacy

      Thanks for the info. on the washing. I REALLY want this to work, I can see so many endless possibilities!

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