Test Run

I love creating my own patternstutorials for sites like the Sewing Republic. Not only do I enjoy all the planning involved (and yes, even the math), but I really get a kick out of seeing my idea(s) come to life. The down side to all this? Pattern Testing (I actually don’t mind pattern testing when it all works out the first time, LOL). That’s the stage that I’m at now (trial #1 is pictured on the right) and am in the process of redrafting things so the finished product ‘looks right’. Guess what I’ll be working on this weekend?

Speaking of the Sewing Republic, if you haven’t already heard, there’s some exciting changes taking place. Later this month they will be combining the best of their website with a newly designed We All Sew blog. This means you’ll not only have fantastic projects (if I do say so myself), but tips, fresh ideas, great links, sewing videos, and engaging conversations with like-minded sewers all in one place!