Linky Thursday

This fabric clutch is so fabulous, no one would ever guess you didn’t buy it from a boutique! I’m also partial to this Union Jack one as well.

Speaking of purses, need to keep yours organized? This tutorial will teach you how to make one that’s almost too pretty to hide inside your bag!

It’s almost fall which means temperatures will start cooling off and we’ll start heating up our ovens! Keep from burning yourself after you make yourself your own potholder(s).

Printable fabric sheets are expensive. Cut down on costs and make your own. This, however, is my preferred method.

Pajama Eaters. What a fun way to store your pajamas – I must make one (or two)

Transform a T-shirt into a draped cardigan.

If you feel like “there’s no place like home,” then prove it by making yourself a pair of your own ruby slippers (earrings). I LOVE these!

Make counting fun by whipping up a set of these numbered bean bags.

Spruce up a room with a DIY felt zebra rug.

Draft a pattern to make a wrap dress – I like how the edges of this dress are rounded and feminine.

If you’re planning on saving money this year by creating your own gifts, why not try making some personalized, embossed candles and photo image transferred votives.

Create a pair of easy-to-sew lounge pants.

Turn a tablecloth into an easy to care for floor cloth!

An adorable ruffled, cinched, drawstring bag – every little girl that sees this will want one.

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