Keeping Cool

When a friend and I planned for this past weekend’s baby shower, we were given a lot of ‘creative license’. Since this was baby boy #4, the mom had already done quite a few, boy and duck themed parties – so this time we went with something fun: Race cars. Not only did dad drive muscle cars for a living, but we thought a checkered flag type theme sort of symbolized ‘the finish line’ for the mom since they’ve determined ‘this is it!’ We also wanted to do something ‘themed’ and fun for favors and came up with this crafty concoction:

“Floozy Koozies”! To make these, we spray glued glitter on the outside of a foam koozie (we found ours at Michael’s) and then hot glued a marabou boa to the top. They were simple and fun to make (we even got the kids to help out), but if I had to do it over again, I would use fabric on the koozie exterior because the glitter will eventually ‘shed’. Best of all? They were a hit at the party!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Cool

  1. Miriam

    Try clear acrylic spray paint to seal the glitter! It worked for me when I made my girl some ruby red slippers when she was “Dorothy” for a musical revue her sixth grade year. It sealed the glitter right in…nary a speck littered behind her pathway

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