Linky Thursday

I’ll admit, I have a ‘thing’ for bags… and the bigger the better. That’s why this Carpetbagger is high on my ‘must sew list’. (For those of you who have missed Weekend Designer, he runs a new blog here. All about bags!)

Shorts, too short? Add a few inches and a bit of femininity to your cut-offs this summer.

Update a room in under an hour by creating a one-of-a-kind lampshade.

Need a quick top? This tutorial will have you making a stylish tube top (I love the large waistband on this one).

A cute little baby tunic – I love those flutter sleeves! (Link to pattern is in the body of the entry)

Are mustaches still ‘hot’? If so, you’ll want to make yourself one of these mustache key chains.

This car mat tutorial is a perfect gift or new ‘toy’ for the boys… and it’s even ‘no-sew’.

I need to stop finding baby tutorials to sew up for friends. Now I really would like to make one of these stuffed footballs.

I’ve always wanted a Bento box (and the cute little lunches that go in them) so it only stands to reason that I would someday want to sew up this cute bento box container.

I’m not sure my daughter would ever use it (because she’s always on her iPod Touch), but I love this iPhone Sleeve, anyway.

Easton saw these Dragon Wings and said, “I want THAT. That guy’s cool”. Guess what I’ll be sewing soon?

5 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Sarah

    Stacy – I have to say that Linky Thursday is one of my favorite things about Thursdays. I read your blog daily but don’t comment enough.

    I cannot wait to see your review on the carpetbagger. It looks cool and I thought easy until I got confused reading the instructions. I’m sure that is my inexperience.

    I like the iPhone sleeve, too. Might make one for my best friend but have to see if she has a clip in her purse first.

    1. Stacy

      I’m hoping to make one of the carpetbaggers this fall – it just looks like a great bag. I do find that some online tutorials are harder to follow, it’s a lot less ‘formal’ language than commercial patterns and sometimes there’s not a lot of illustrations to help supplement the directions.

      If you make the iPod case before I do, let me know how it turns out!

    1. Stacy

      I will be sure to post it when I do! It definitely made an impression on my son when he saw them!

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