I never really set out to ‘make’ baby shower decorations, but after several unsuccessful trips to stores to find race car themed items (they all seemed to be Cars 2 race cars), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I manged to find the perfect checkered material and set out to make several flags (hot glued them to small wooden dowels) and my first ever bunting:

This was another one of those ‘just wing it’ kind of a project. I made a triangle template (roughly 8″), sewed two triangles together, turned & pressed, then sewed them to a wide ribbon. I added letter appliques that spelled out the baby’s name (Devin). My one mistake? Putting the checkered fabric on top of a white background – the lettering was so difficult to read that I wound up outlining it in red so you can make out the name.

Overall this was a quick little project that was completed in around an hour. Now, let’s hope the mom doesn’t decide on a name change between now and Saturday!