Cabriolet Wrap

This weekend, I felt the need to make a little something for myself. Since our temperatures are still in the 100’s with no relief in sight, I just can’t seem to bring myself to make something for fall – it just sounds so hot and itchy. So, I decided to make Fabric.comHot Pattern’s free pattern: The Cabriolet Wrap-Over Skirt/Dress (I liked the one on their blog so much I couldn’t help but try it out).

I found an interesting gauze at Joann’s at 60% off – I couldn’t resist picking it up because it seemed perfect for this pattern… plus it was the ‘right’ price, too! Overall the Cabriolet Wrap’s sewing is very easy, it’s predominantly straight lines and gathering so it really is great for a beginner. However, be warned, since there is so much material that you’re working with, there’s lots of hemming and gathering involved so this does take awhile to construct (my particular wrap seemed to take even longer since my gauze fabric liked to stick to itself).

When it comes to wearing the Cabriolet Wrap, I suggest having a helper… or a bit of patience to get everything arranged, wrapped, and laying correctly. This seems to be especially true when it comes to wearing this as a dress (and of course my favorite way to wear this outfit) because you’ll definitely want the ‘volume’ of the waistband and ties around your bust to give this dress some length. Overall, a wonderful free pattern and was definitely worth the time to make!

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