Wet Bag

This weekend is my best friend’s baby shower. Over the past month I managed to make several baby items and even a matching basket, but after putting it all together, it just seemed to be missing something. So I racked my brain as to what I could make that not only matches the other items I made, but is something she didn’t already have (she has a one year old, so she’s still pretty ‘stocked’). That’s when I came up with…. a wet bag! This little bag is a perfect way to stow dirty diapers, soiled clothing, and even wet swimsuits because it has a waterproof lining made of PUL. I thought this project was perfect not just because it was something new-to-her, but it also gave me a good excuse to try out a new material… and I have to say, it wasn’t difficult to work with at all! However, I ‘winged’ this pattern so if I make it again, I might come up with a better way to sew it up – I have a feeling I could make it a cleaner design if I did.

3 thoughts on “Wet Bag

  1. Stacy

    It’s a waterproof fabric that is predominately used for making cloth diapers. It has a ‘rubbery’ feeling front side and a soft cloth backing. PUL used to be hard to find (mostly online), but Joann’s sells it now (they have a special section for it). I couldn’t resist finding a project to use with it!

    1. Kirsten D.

      Thanks for the heads up. I have seen others and was wondering what they used. Might just have to add that to the stash!

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