The $5 Dress

The weekend before last, my sister-in-law held her wedding reception. I was set on wearing my polka dot Mission Maxi until the day before the party, when I saw an ad for a sequined, racerback dress by Michael Kors…. and I knew I had to make that dress. After searching my local fabric stores for a stretch sequin, I turned up empty handed so I settled for a ‘special occasion fabric’ from Hancock Fabric. While it wasn’t what I really wanted, I couldn’t beat the price: With a (competitor’s) coupon and the special 15% off they tacked onto it for the 4th of July, the grand total for this dress came to a little over $5!

As for the dress itself, the only change I made to the pattern itself was to shorten it up…. substantially. Overall, I’m happy with the end results, but it’s still no substitute to the fabulous Kor’s sequin inspiration. So the real question is, which dress won out for the evening? The polka dot maxi. I’ll save this one for a fun date night.

2 thoughts on “The $5 Dress

  1. Lori

    great looking dress, you look fantastic. Quite a buy for $5! Eastin is such a cutie, I can’t believe how big he is getting.

    1. Stacy

      He can’t help but sneak into the pictures when we’re taking them! Thank you about the dress, too – it really was a bargain!

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