LBD Apron Style

This weekend, Bret’s step-sister is having her wedding reception. I sort of racked my brains as to what to get her since after her bridal shower, she had already gotten a majority of items off her registry (and lots, and lots of wine glasses). Instead of going with something store bought, I decided to give her one of my favorite apron designs – The Little Black Dress. I opted for this one, not just because it’s fun, but because it is one of my better selling aprons (so I figured she would like it, too) and they don’t make Beatles fabric (she’s a big fan and it would have gone along with the rest of her gift nicely).

Aside for taking in a bit of sewing, I also managed to do a bit of (local) fabric shopping and…. wait for it….. they were all solids! After sifting through my closet, I noticed I’m missing a lot of solid colors in there so I forced myself to stay away from the prints (this time). I plan on putting them to good use soon as I just received a Hot Patterns order and need some new summer tops before I start moving onto fall sewing. Speaking of, has anyone noticed that both Simplicity and McCall have their fall previews up already (and I was told that Kwik Sew will start arriving in stores this week although they are not up on the site, yet). Which ones are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “LBD Apron Style

  1. Karen

    I recently got Butterick 5619, and I love the look of it. I unfortunately am going to have to get the bigger size, because with a recent lack in excerise, I’ve gained a couple of pounds…. oops! I either need to try to lose some weight or get the next size… I think I’ll get the next size. 🙂 I also like 5570 for the cute jacket!

    1. Stacy

      ROFL. You sound like me, I’d rather just size up right now! I’m hoping all our summer activity trims me down a bit or I think I might be stuck with a new pattern size! LOL

  2. Kris C.

    They DO make Beatles fabric – I’ve made pillowcases, scrub shirts, and scrub caps for a friend out of various Beatles fabric. My personal favorite has the Beatles logo in various colors all over a black background.

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