Jayhawk Sleeper

While I mull over my pattern choices for an upcoming wedding reception, I decided to go ahead and work on something: a newborn gown and baby bib! This t-shirt to newborn gown has to be one of my favorite upcycled projects… the problem with this one? Believe it or not, finding a Jayhawk shirt that would work in a smaller scale (oh and I wanted blue too, I know, I’m picky). Along with this one, I also made a ‘matching’ baby bib using Chickpea Sewing Studio’s tutorial. This is also a pattern that I used myself for when Easton was little and I made several versions for the last baby shower – they are a hit, especially when you use Velcro closures instead of snaps.

Now, it’s back to mulling of pattern and fabric choices! What is everyone else working on?