3 New Sets

There seemed to be a lot going on this weekend. We made a quick trip out of town, finished off some Riverfest activities (and food), and celebrated Taylor’s birthday (stay off the roads, she can drive now). I also squeezed in a bit of sewing and finally finished off the shirts to Kwik Sew 3034!

Now Easton has not one, not two, but three new sets. I’d say that should hold him, but the child really loves his pjs. Since this isn’t a new (to me) pattern, there really isn’t anything that I can say about it that I haven’t already blogged – it’s just a great basic pj design!

OOOOh, and before I forget, Happy Sewing Machine Day!

7 thoughts on “3 New Sets

  1. Katharine in Brussels

    What a good idea to make pyjamas; they’re useful, quick & easy. Sewing satisfaction.
    Yesterday was Father’s Day here in Belgium, and it’s Pentecost holiday today. Cheers!

  2. CGCouture

    I’ll be on the lookout for Taylor, though I’m sure she’s a good driver. 😉

    The PJ’s are cute! Too bad my little man is getting too big for the toddler KS patterns. They don’t have a “big kid” version of these do they?

  3. Stacy

    Thanks everyone! I just love pajama sewing – it’s such an instant gratification project. Plus everyone is sure to wear them and not complain!

    @CGCouture – They do! It’s KS 3234 or you can try 3042 as well.

  4. Jessi

    I just cut out that white bike print for my little guy (Jalie v-neck shirt)! I should look for this pj set. It’s getting warm here (MN goes from Winter to Summer in a week) and his winter pj’s aren’t gonna cut it.

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