Pairs of Shorts

There’s nothing like finally making it into the sewing room to work on a few projects to make you feel like you’re making a dent in your to-do list (of course, my house looks like a disaster area). One project that I got started was Kwik Sew 3034, the toddler pajamas. Right now I have several of the shorts completed and all seem to fit well… in fact I had to chase Easton around to get him to take the shorts off:

I completely scrapped the Joann’s camo print after half-way sewing up the short. There was so little stretch in them, they just didn’t seem comfortable. So, FYI to anyone that purchased the (snow) camouflage print in the store this year, skip it, washing the fabric makes it looks most of it’s stretch!

3 thoughts on “Pairs of Shorts

  1. Sarah

    I pretty much never buy fabric from Joann’s anymore. It isn’t worth the headache or my time. 🙁

    Love your new tutorial, BTW!

    1. Stacy

      Thanks! I think I’m with you on never buying jersey (or most wearable fabrics) there again. I’m disappointed 99% of the time!

  2. Jared

    Choosing wisely when you buy fabrics is not necessarily an easy feat. You need to know what kind of fabric you are looking for, you need to be able to work out what is a reputable merchant, and you need to be sure of all the fine details that may be involved in purchasing fabrics.

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