Linky Thursday

Refashion a men’s shirt into a women’s ruffle shirt.

I had no idea you could make glitter from salt.

This headband may say it’s for holiday’s, but I think it’s perfect for just about any occasion.

Turn a vintage pillowcase into a pair of pants, pillowcase dress, or cute little bag.

I am really getting into cowldraped necklines – that’s why this shirt tutorial is a winner in my book.

Transform a t-shirt into an easy to sew shrug.

You can never have too many fabric basket (tutorials).

Ever wanted to know the secret to making tiny bows? Here’s a tip, use a fork.

I’m thankful that we’re done with diapers, but if you’re still working with them, this tutorial for a wet bag is a perfect tutorial for you (and works great for swimwear too).

This hand towel tutorial reminds me of something my grandma had in her kitchen. I’m feeling sort of nostalgic, I may have to make one.

Sweet little bangles made from ribbon.

Thinking about dying your own fabric… with Kook-Aid? This handy chart will show how whathow many packets produce a particular color.

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  1. Mary Sarah

    These are some great projects! I look forward to your Linky Thursday every week. I know it’s a lot of work and I apprreciare it! Thanks so much!

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