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Linky Thursday

The author of this tutorial calls her design, The Snack Bandolier. I prefer, The Hotwheels Gunbelt – brilliant creation (although I’m 99% sure that Easton wouldn’t wear this for more than 5 minutes)!

Protect your e-reader in style when you take it to the pool this summer with this pretty patchwork sleeve.

A great quilted potholder tutorial that’s almost too pretty to use.

It’s summer time and everyone needs a pair of sandals! Learn how to make a pair for a baby in your life.

I love these little stuffed turtles. Not only are they adorable for little kids, but I’m thinking it would make a perfect pincushion!

Make an apron dress and win a prize package including a signed copy of The Party Dress Book.

Skip the commercialpaper gift bags this year and sew your own. These only use a fat quarter!

I think Anthropologie has to be one of the most inspirational ‘designers’ for a lot of tutorials. Here’s another one: The Bow Bag.

Have a special occasion that needs a special pair of shoes? This tutorial will show you have to cover yours in lace.

When temperatures are soaring into the 100s, it’s hard to think ahead to winter, but this firewood sling is too easy not to share! By the way, I’m also loving this Baby Granny hat as well – I wonder if it could fit my (small sized) head?

Headbands are an easy way to accessorize any look, but the really pretty ones are insanely expensive. Learn how to make your own.

I may not have a little girl anymore, but I still think that Girls World looks like a great book to own (and I really want to try that stuffed do pattern!). Try to win yourself a copy of it here. Speaking of books,‘s book trailer (I love book trailers) is live plus she’s giving away a copy of 1, 2, 3 Sew.

Jayhawk Sleeper

While I mull over my pattern choices for an upcoming wedding reception, I decided to go ahead and work on something: a newborn gown and baby bib! This t-shirt to newborn gown has to be one of my favorite upcycled projects… the problem with this one? Believe it or not, finding a Jayhawk shirt that would work in a smaller scale (oh and I wanted blue too, I know, I’m picky). Along with this one, I also made a ‘matching’ baby bib using Chickpea Sewing Studio’s tutorial. This is also a pattern that I used myself for when Easton was little and I made several versions for the last baby shower – they are a hit, especially when you use Velcro closures instead of snaps.

Now, it’s back to mulling of pattern and fabric choices! What is everyone else working on?


What a disappointment. My next project was going to be Vogue 1240 – a Guy Laroche dress, but after reading several very negative reviews on Pattern Review, I am thinking otherwise. I am contemplating making a muslin and attempting to work out the neckline and deep armscythe issues, but with only 2 weeks (a.k.a. wedding reception) to work on this dress (muslin and finished design), I’m not sure I have enough time to complete it. Boo. I suppose a standby will (possibly) be the Mission maxi, Palmer/Pletsch wrap dress, or something from on of my Burda Style magazines. I’m not as excited about the options as what I was about the Vogue dress so you can probably expect a muslin in the next few days.

3 New Sets

There seemed to be a lot going on this weekend. We made a quick trip out of town, finished off some Riverfest activities (and food), and celebrated Taylor’s birthday (stay off the roads, she can drive now). I also squeezed in a bit of sewing and finally finished off the shirts to Kwik Sew 3034!

Now Easton has not one, not two, but three new sets. I’d say that should hold him, but the child really loves his pjs. Since this isn’t a new (to me) pattern, there really isn’t anything that I can say about it that I haven’t already blogged – it’s just a great basic pj design!

OOOOh, and before I forget, Happy Sewing Machine Day!

Fabric Basket

This week sure has been a dozy for weather. First we have a heat burst, then last night we have torrential rain, ‘snowing hail’, and a power outage…. which meant today’s post had to be delayed until we had power again. Let’s hope that’s it for awhile. Anyway, enough with the weather, here’s my latest project: a fabric basket. This one is based on my Candy Cauldron tutorial from Sew News. I plan on putting all the goddies that I’ve made inside, but when she takes them out, she’s got a useful storage basket for the baby’s room!

Linky Thursday

Keep your picnic items cool this summer with this adorable Insulated Tote.

The Periodic Table of Sewing Elements from the Scientific Seamstress.

Pull back your hair this summer in style with this turban twisted scarf.

If your plans this summer include wearing more skirts, then this one will add a bit of a twist to your wardrobe: The Pinwheel Skirt.

Another nice t-shirt refashion. This time you’re adding ruffles around the neckline.

This fun little ribbon fish is perfect for a girl’s barrette or even a fun little pin.

Nothing says summer like madras fabric. Now carry a bit of summer with you after you make this tote.

Give the gift of correspondence (aka snail mail) and make this pretty folioorganizer.

Another reason I need to take up knitting again: Cute cardis – even if it is a toddlers.

Turn a pair of jeans into a drink cozy
. Perfect for Father’s Day!


I’ll admit that my Kwik Sew pajamas still aren’t finished, yet somehow, I managed to squeeze in some time to make another baby item…. alright 5 baby items. Burp Cloths!:

Two are part of the “University of Kansas” baby basket that I’m making and the other 3 are for my neighbor who is expecting a little girl next month. I truly love these burp cloths, not only are they easy to make (it’s amazing how a strip of fabric can dress up a cloth diaper), but having been the parent of a kid with reflux, they are super absorbent too.

Big Baby Blanket

Very soon one of my be closest friends will be having another baby. That means it’s time to start getting baby items ready for another shower. Once again, I’ve decided to go with a ‘themed basket’ – all University of Kansas items to go along with the theme of the babies’ room. To start off, I decided to make a ’boutique’ style baby blanket in the opposite color scheme of the one I made his brother a few years ago. Basically, it’s a 45″ square of novelty fabric and Minkey sewn together, turned right side out, then edge stitched. As you can tell, it’s plenty big enough for baby and even a toddler!

Pairs of Shorts

There’s nothing like finally making it into the sewing room to work on a few projects to make you feel like you’re making a dent in your to-do list (of course, my house looks like a disaster area). One project that I got started was Kwik Sew 3034, the toddler pajamas. Right now I have several of the shorts completed and all seem to fit well… in fact I had to chase Easton around to get him to take the shorts off:

I completely scrapped the Joann’s camo print after half-way sewing up the short. There was so little stretch in them, they just didn’t seem comfortable. So, FYI to anyone that purchased the (snow) camouflage print in the store this year, skip it, washing the fabric makes it looks most of it’s stretch!

Chalkboard Placemats

One of the hottest new fabrics out there is chalkboard cloth – it’s sewable (it’s very ‘user friendly’) and it’s easy to write on. The problem is, finding unique ways to use this material. My latest tutorial for The Sewing Republic should help you with that problem: Placemats! It’s a fun way to serve breakfast in the morning (think writing little messages to the kids before they go to school), a great way to keep little kids entertained at the table, or dress it up with some elegant fabrics and use them at a dinner party (you can write the night’s menu on the chalkboard section of the placemat). I used a combination of chalkboard cloth and novelty fabrics for this tutorial, but you can make your versions entirely ‘wipeable’ by using laminated cottons around the boarder and backside.

While chalkboard cloth is very easy to work with, here’s a few tips on making working with this material go more smoothly:

Prime it! It’s important to rub a piece of chalk across the material (back and forth, up and down) then wipe with a damp cloth. Priming will allow the chalk to ‘stick’ to the material. You may find after repeated use that your fabric will need to be primed again.

Roll it! Never crease your chalk cloth. This will crack the surface of the material, making it unusable.

Press it! When you’re ready to press your chalkcloth fabric, be sure to use a press cloth and the synthetic setting on your iron. Using direct heat will melt the the material, making it unusable (not to mention make a mess of your iron!).