McCall 6069

Since my Vogue dress didn’t quite work for me, I was scrambling to find something that would work for this past weekend’s wedding. I recently picked up McCall 6069 and searched the stash for a fabric that might work….. I settled on a black, floral jersey that I had purchased a long time ago at a Joann’s clearance sale.

Overall, this dress was a great replacement – it was comfortable to wear (although I eliminated the back strap across the neck and I have a feeling I wouldn’t have had ‘shoulder slippage’ if I would have kept it), easy to sew, and best of all, it has pockets! Even though this dress was labeled as ‘1 hour’, I found it took longer than that to sew (closer to two) so be sure to allot yourself enough time to make this dress. For anyone thinking that you need a serger to sew up jerseys: I made this dress exclusively on my sewing machine!

Project Details:

Vogue 6069, View A

Black floral jersey from Joann’s

Materials & Cost:

8 thoughts on “McCall 6069

  1. Carolyn


    That dress looks amazing on you and was probably perfect for the wedding! It’s also pretty awesome that the total for this deliciousness was just $6.99!!!

  2. Stacy

    Thanks! I highly recommend this pattern – so easy and I think would look flattering on all body types…. plus the price tag on this one was perfect. 🙂

  3. Pam

    The dress looks great! You have inspired me to try it for myself! Also, thanks for your wonderful posts. I look forward to “checking in” with you every evening!

  4. Katharine in Brussels

    What a pretty neckline and floral print. It looks fun to make again too.

  5. pam

    Beautiful, Stacy! What type of stitch did you use on your machine ? I’ve had problems sewing with jerseys.

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