Casserole Week: Day 3

The last of the casserole carriers is one for my mother-in-law’s birthday – she’s a HUGE Elvis fan so when I stumbled across this fabric I knew I had to buy it. Her birthday isn’t until December, but I figured that while I was on a carrier making ‘assembly line’ I had better go ahead and work on it…. because I’ll never get to it by the time the holidays roll around. Now that I’ve made 4 of these, I can honestly say, “I’m done!” As much as I like this tutorial, I’m really tired of working with it – I’m so happy that I can put it aside and do something else. In fact, I’m starting Vogue 8380 as we speak (look for it to appear on the sidebar tonight).

Today’s recipe is for a Cheesy Squash Casserole – it’s a great way to use up that summer squash from the garden!