Casserole Week: Day 2

Today’s casserole carrier is a gift for the bride and groom for this weekend’s wedding. Apparently when I purchased fabric(s) for these projects, I was feeling ‘tropical’ because two of the carriers have a definite “Hawaiian” theme to them… this is one of them. In hindsight, I wish I would have found some sort of ‘vegetable toss’ print instead because that would have been more fun (maybe future carriers).

Today’s recipe is an absolute FAVORITE of our family. It’s not a casserole, but it’s definitely a favorite side dish that is served during special occasions: Parsnip, Carrot, and Leek Gratin. It’s so tasty that even my dad (who, next to Easton, was the pickiest eater I know) loved it…. until he heard the word “parsnip” then refused to eat anymore.

2 thoughts on “Casserole Week: Day 2

  1. CGCouture

    LOL! Reminds me of my grandpa who hates mushrooms. I didn’t know that, and made up a pasta dish with mushrooms. He ate two helpings, was getting his third, and telling me how good it was when my grandma asked if there was mushrooms in it. When I said yes, he promptly put down his fork and shoved his plate away.

  2. Susan

    The hawaiian prints are great looking, your gift will be much appreciated! And, thanks for the recipe, it sounds yummy.

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