Casserole Week

I spent a lot of time in my sewing room this weekend…. making Casserole Carriers. Consequently, I have dubbed this week’s posts, “The Week of the Casserole”! Kicking off the entries is my favorite of the lot. This carrier was made from a fun print from my stash – I picked it up several years ago on clearance at Joann’s ($5.35 for 2 1/2 yards!) and have to say, it really was a nice material (and makes a really cute carrier, too). Once again the tutorial was great to work with and sews up faster the second time around.

So what’s a week of casseroles without a few recipes? How about a spicy Cajun Shrimp casserole followed by a cool-your-mouth-off dessert, S’mores Casserole Bars? I’m not usually a casserole kind of person, but both of these dishes make my mouth water! Have a favorite casserole recipe? Be sure to share it here!

2 thoughts on “Casserole Week

  1. Desiree Doucet

    The smore’s casserole is similar to a dessert we were served at summer camp called “5 layer wonders” – same recipe, but you just top it all off w/ a can of condensed milk before you pop it in the oven.

    Delicious and irresistible!

    1. Stacy

      We do that one too! My MIL calls it the 5 layer cookie. I changed up that recipe a bit and add chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and marshmallows…. I think it could send someone into a sugar coma!

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