A lot of people assume that because you sew, you’re saving tons of money by making things yourself. While we all know that this isn’t always the case, one thing I’ve found: Home Decor sewing is always cheaper. I mean $50+ for a pillow? It’s 1/2 yard of fabric and some trim!

Today we’re getting rid of the toddler bed and ‘upgrading’ Easton’s room to a full size version. We’ve packed up all the baby items and have bought everything we need for the ‘big boy’ room… everything except the decorator pillows. Easton’s new bedding set is primarily solid with sports themed sheets. I decided to go with that look and bring in a whole sports look – which is good because he’s gravitated to those prints anyway. Consequently, I purchased 4 sports ball fabrics while at Hobby Lobby and decided to turn them into slipcovers. Normally I would buy pillow inserts, but this time around I decided to make my own forms:

For the pillow forms themselves I used some stashed fabric (it’s been in there for a very long time, like when I first started sewing) and a 50 oz bag of fiberfill. I like to stuff my pillows firmly (because I’m sure they will be ‘mashed’ in no time) so I probably could easily get 6 pillows out of one bag (if you stuff less firmly, you might get about 8 or 9). Now it’s time to quickly whip up the covers (I’ll be using the tutorial I wrote for The Sewing Republic) so they are ready before the bed arrives this afternoon!

Project Details:

The Sewing Republic’s Slipcover Tutorial

An assortment of sports themed fabrics from Hobby Lobby

Materials & Cost:
Fabric………$9.80 (+ stash)