Opinions Needed

Let me start off this post by asking you your opinion. I purchased this fabulous print from Gorgeous Fabrics recently: it’s a cotton that starts out white, then gradually flows into a ‘field’ of yellow flowers. I’ve been toying with the idea of turning it into Vogue 8380 or a halter style dress with the white on the top and the flowers along the hemline. My question is, “Too much white for a wedding”? The more I look at it, I’m thinking it is. (I have a ‘backup fabric” if needed, a fun Hawaiian style print that I think will look great as a halter or sun dress) Of course, I’ll probably plan all of this out and not have time to make any of it before this wedding, anyway.

Speaking of weddings, I’m in casserole carrier sweatshop mode. I have 2 weeks to make 3 carriers: one for a wedding gift, and two for birthdays. Here’s what I have done so far:

Everything except the handles are cut. I’ve opted to keep the Insulbrite in place with some temporary adhesive spray so I can avoid all the pinning – that seems to have saved me a bit of time…. let’s hope I got it all neat before laying it down (I had a helper)! Now it’s time for some assembly line sewing!

6 thoughts on “Opinions Needed

  1. Lisa

    How cute would that be with a peachy color shrug to go with it? It would make it look less “white.” And just wear flesh tone shoes (not white). That will make your legs go on forever! Love the fabric.

  2. Sheila

    It’s not too much white and I love the Vogue pattern. It’s the perfect material for a summer wedding. I say, start cutting!

  3. rose

    I’d put an accent detail color on top – piping, different color ribbon, something to break up the white, and to help it flow with your shrug or top layer. Or maybe you could reverse it so the color is on top and it drifts down to white on the bottom and put a peach underskirt on it?

    I’m needing to make a couple of those casserole carriers myself.

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