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Toddler Playboy

Easton has become Hugh Hefner – he likes to lounge in his pajamas all day. Even if we manage to get him into street clothes, as soon as we return home he’s slipping into pjs. Consequently, we need a lot of pajamas. So I’ve decided to turn to a great TNT pajama pattern, Kwik Sew 3034. For this round, I’m using a variety of kid’s cotton knits from Needle Nook, my stash, and one from Cry Baby’s Boutique (I had a camo knit from Joann’s, but after washing it, the material seems to have lost it’s stretch). Now let the cutting begin! I’m hoping to have several pairs sewn up by the end of the week…. that should get us through the weekend – at least!

Project Details:

Kwik Sew 3034, View E

A variety of knits from Needle Nook Fabrics

Materials & Cost:
Fabric………$14.75 + stash

McCall 6069

Since my Vogue dress didn’t quite work for me, I was scrambling to find something that would work for this past weekend’s wedding. I recently picked up McCall 6069 and searched the stash for a fabric that might work….. I settled on a black, floral jersey that I had purchased a long time ago at a Joann’s clearance sale.

Overall, this dress was a great replacement – it was comfortable to wear (although I eliminated the back strap across the neck and I have a feeling I wouldn’t have had ‘shoulder slippage’ if I would have kept it), easy to sew, and best of all, it has pockets! Even though this dress was labeled as ‘1 hour’, I found it took longer than that to sew (closer to two) so be sure to allot yourself enough time to make this dress. For anyone thinking that you need a serger to sew up jerseys: I made this dress exclusively on my sewing machine!

Project Details:

Vogue 6069, View A

Black floral jersey from Joann’s

Materials & Cost:

Almost A Wadder

I think I’ve broken all the rules for dressmaking:

I’m sewing a pattern that I did not make a muslin for first.
I’m sewing “with a deadline” that is quickly approaching.
I measured myself, but went with a size that didn’t quite match those measurements.

So what does that mean? I have a dress that doesn’t quite fit.

I will be the first to admit, I have about 8-10 pounds that I could loose – some is just age, some is baby weight that just doesn’t want to come off, and the rest is my love for ‘holiday foods’. So when I measured myself, I was no longer in my ‘typical’ Vogue size. After looking at the finished garment measurements, I decided that I would go ahead and make it anyway since I thought there was too much ease in the current size. Since I needed this dress by the weekend, I decided to take the plunge and make the dress – sans muslin. All which lead to my too small dress. I could easily fix it if I would let out the seams a smidge, but I put the bodice on Taylor and not only does it fit, but looks adorable on her. Consequently, I’m setting this one aside and saving it for her when we go to our next event. Bummer.

Project Details:

Vogue 8380, View A

Fields of Gold Border Cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

Linky Thursday

Sew up a child-sized apron from (the soon to be released book), Growing Up Sew Liberated.

Create a pencil skirt, without a pattern.

With t-shirt necklaces being so popular, why not accessorize with some (finger knitted) jersey bracelets?

Looking for some summer fun, but teach the kids a bit of science too? These homemade lava lamps look fun (and just a bit educational).

Turn a plain, black umbrella into one that makes a statement. All you need is a bit of paint.

I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed that these knot shorts are kid sized only.

Dying to try out some Liberty of London fabric, but don’t have any small projects in mind? This article from will show you two projects to get you started.

A dress so cute, I didn’t even know it was maternity.

A good example of how sewing for yourself can save you money – check out this tutorial for an Anthropologie inspired purse.

Everyone needs a chair for themselves – so make your little guygirl one of these mini loungers.

Casserole Week: Day 3

The last of the casserole carriers is one for my mother-in-law’s birthday – she’s a HUGE Elvis fan so when I stumbled across this fabric I knew I had to buy it. Her birthday isn’t until December, but I figured that while I was on a carrier making ‘assembly line’ I had better go ahead and work on it…. because I’ll never get to it by the time the holidays roll around. Now that I’ve made 4 of these, I can honestly say, “I’m done!” As much as I like this tutorial, I’m really tired of working with it – I’m so happy that I can put it aside and do something else. In fact, I’m starting Vogue 8380 as we speak (look for it to appear on the sidebar tonight).

Today’s recipe is for a Cheesy Squash Casserole – it’s a great way to use up that summer squash from the garden!

Casserole Week: Day 2

Today’s casserole carrier is a gift for the bride and groom for this weekend’s wedding. Apparently when I purchased fabric(s) for these projects, I was feeling ‘tropical’ because two of the carriers have a definite “Hawaiian” theme to them… this is one of them. In hindsight, I wish I would have found some sort of ‘vegetable toss’ print instead because that would have been more fun (maybe future carriers).

Today’s recipe is an absolute FAVORITE of our family. It’s not a casserole, but it’s definitely a favorite side dish that is served during special occasions: Parsnip, Carrot, and Leek Gratin. It’s so tasty that even my dad (who, next to Easton, was the pickiest eater I know) loved it…. until he heard the word “parsnip” then refused to eat anymore.

Casserole Week

I spent a lot of time in my sewing room this weekend…. making Casserole Carriers. Consequently, I have dubbed this week’s posts, “The Week of the Casserole”! Kicking off the entries is my favorite of the lot. This carrier was made from a fun print from my stash – I picked it up several years ago on clearance at Joann’s ($5.35 for 2 1/2 yards!) and have to say, it really was a nice material (and makes a really cute carrier, too). Once again the tutorial was great to work with and sews up faster the second time around.

So what’s a week of casseroles without a few recipes? How about a spicy Cajun Shrimp casserole followed by a cool-your-mouth-off dessert, S’mores Casserole Bars? I’m not usually a casserole kind of person, but both of these dishes make my mouth water! Have a favorite casserole recipe? Be sure to share it here!

Links For The Weekend

It’s graduation season and if you’ve got money to give, these money holders look like cute little graduation caps. Adorable!

I had no idea you could dye your own buttons. Learn how from Rit.

Not only will this bookmark hold your page, but it smells wonderful too.

Magnetic pin holders don’t have to be boring. Transform your favorite dish into a new notion.

I’m not a nut for owls, but I really want to make one of these stuffies.

Win a copy of You Sew Girl (can I just say, I’m excited for this book – anyone know if it will show up on Amazon?)!

Having a themed party this summer? This cowgirl apron might fit in.

So easy a kid can do it…. spraypainted leggings.

Something just for the guys – a Hooded Vest.

If your house is like mine, you’ve got ‘piles’ all over the kitchen. Keep your mailpapers organized with this handy hanging organizer.

Braided belts are back in fashion – learn how to make your very own.

A simple, but really informative tutorial (with lots of photos) on hemming pants.

Nothing says spring like flowers. Now bring a bit of spring in your home with a fun potholder project.

Turn an ordinary t-shirt into a cute empire waist top.


What do all the pictures above have in common? They are my distractions of the week!:

Believe it or not, school is coming to a close (less than one week left) so activities abound (like Taylor’s Pops Concert, the first photo) – what shocks me most is how fast this year went (and the fact that Taylor will be in high school).

I also stopped by Needle Nook Fabrics and came home with several yards of this amazing print (bottom left). With a week left to finish the casserole carriers, I’m fairly certain that I won’t get Vogue 8380 finished in time for the wedding so I thought I might try a simple jersey Maxi Dress pattern and a great fabric… this might fit the bill!

We also went to an amazing Tallgrass Beer dinner last night. The food not only looked amazing (middle photo), but tasted fabulous…. we need more mid-week date nights like this!

Lastly, my new vice… Angry Birds. I think I’ve spent more hours trying to kill pigs than what I care to fess up to. Now I really do need to make these plush!

So what does all this mean? No Linky Thursday…. I promise to avoid the birds tonight and post some links for tomorrow, though!

The Slip(covers)

The best thing about slipcovers is that they whip up really fast and they look so nice and neat when you’re finished – plus you can easily change out the look without having to make a whole new pillow! Yesterday, Easton and I finished up the pillows for his room. He liked the fact that he got to help out with some of the sewing (he is the thread snipper and pin keeper)…every time we finished a slipcover he came running out to show his dad. Of course, the real proof is when all the pillows are put on his new bed:

The thing I like best about this project? The pillows were made for under $5 each – So much better than the $1720 versions in the store!