Casserole Carrier

I’m not going to lie. I really cut this bridal shower present sewing close – I was starting to think I wouldn’t get the casserole carrier finished in time! Thankfully, I mustered up enough energy last night (thank you coffee) and now it’s done (although the potholders that I planed on making will have to be bought):

So how was the tutorial? Really well written! The instructions were easy to follow and there are plenty of photos to help you along the way. The best part, it sews together fairly quickly (if you have a chunk of time, it could probably be sewed up in a long afternoon) and looks great when you’re finished. The only complaint (and it’s a small one) I have is that that there aren’t ‘standard’ measurements for placement of the straps or Velcro. I know that this is supposed to be customized to the dish you’ll be using, but a general idea of where to put them might be nice just in case you intend on using a larger (or smaller) casserole pan than what you start with.

Will I be making this again? You bet! It really does make a nice bridalweddinghousewarming gift… in fact, I might have to make one for myself someday.