BIG Weekend

This weekend went like a flash. Easton celebrated his 3rd birthday then we followed it up with Easter (by the way, Easton was unimpressed with the plush peep. Taylor, however, loved hers). Consequently, I didn’t do any sewing, but I did try my hand at a peep floral display – it was easy, but I never could find a vase that was the ‘right’ size so I settled on a much larger one (consequently, it required more jelly beans and peeps than the tutorial). The biggest challenge? Keeping everyone out of the candy!

One thought on “BIG Weekend

  1. Beth

    Time to laugh, Stacy! Here I am, looking at that floral arrangement and trying to figure out how the flowers could possibly be made out of Peeps! Oh my … it took me quite a while to look at the VASE!!! : )

    Very cute!

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