Men’s Apron Tutorial

You don’t see much of my husband on my site – I suppose it’s because I don’t always sew up a lot of items geared towards ‘the guys’. However, he recently became the model for my latest Sewing Republic tutorial…. a men’s BBQ apron (this apron will work perfectly fine for women as well, just change up the fabric)! I’ve always found that ‘standard’, purchased aprons are never big enough for the guys. So what makes apron work so well for men is the larger width and metal grommets that hold the neck and side ties (it seems to give it a more ‘manly’ look when you toss in a bit of metal). Pair this up with a vertical stripe, sport, skull or tattoo novelty print (I used an Alexander Henry flame fabric) and you’ve got yourself the perfect Father’s Day gift!

And many thanks to my husband who begrudgingly posed for the photos. If he continues to be this cooperative, I might make him more ‘stuff’!