Linky Thursday

Do you get Peeps every year, but can’t stand to eat them? Don’t throw them out – put them to good use: Make an adorable Peep Wreath, holiday centerpiece, or Easter Bunny S’Mores gift baskets.

I think I found the next bag I want to make – The Buttercup. Although, this one is a close second.

If you’ve ever shopped for a baby sling, you know how expensive they can be. Make your own… and in the fabric of your choice!

Tired of the same old purse? Make your next one reversible.

I couldn’t resist buying some confetti eggs this year for Easter (we couldn’t wait for the fun and have already used them. Just a quick note: they are like rocks – do not throw them at people’s heads). I think I may have been better off making my own – plus glitter makes them even more fun. Too messy for you? Then stuff them with treats instead!

Alright, so it is pring and the thought of working with a heavy fabric like corduroy might not seem like something you want do do, but this corduroy circular purse has such a nice shape…. you might not mind working with it after all!

I think this Butterfly Collection pillow screams “spring” and it looks easy enough for a beginner. I wonder if I can get Taylor to make one for me for Mother’s Day?

Just in case you missed it (I almost did), Hot Patterns has a new, free pattern up at – the Easy Breezy Vest.

I really like this Goodnight Owl sleep mask – it’s so unique!

2 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Carrie

    Hey Stacy! I’ve made the Buttercup bag and it is sooo cute and easy! Love the owl eye mask too, thanks for the link I will definitely be making that one.
    Happy Easter to you and your family! 🙂

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